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For Shoppers

Account Settings

Logging in, managing account and troubleshooting for shoppers.

2 articles


Everything you need to know about sending and receiving gifts through Vinebase.

4 articles


Frequently asked questions for shoppers.

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Failed Deliveries

Triaging what to do when you miss your wine shipment delivery.

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Order Assistance

Answering questions you might have about an order placed through Vinebase.

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Wine Clubs

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For Wineries

Getting Started Guides

6 articles


2 articles

Account Settings

Logging in, account management and troubleshooting for wineries.

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Billing & Payments

Answering questions about billing and payments setup.

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Compliance & Tax

Answering questions about compliance and tax.

8 articles

Feature Release Log

Learn about new features that are being built and released based on your feedback.

27 articles


Connect your Vinebase account with other essential tools for your business.

7 articles


Everything you need to know about using Vinebase’s marketing tools.

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Learn how to create, edit and fulfill orders

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How to get the reports you need to run your business.

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How to set your shipping rates and manage weather holds and local pickup.

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Website Setup & Ongoing Maintenance

Everything you need to know to set up and manage your website.

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Wine Club

Everything you need to know to set up and manage your wine club.

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Wine Product Listings

Everything you need to know to set up and manage your product listings.

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