How we track and attribute purchases

Vinebase Attribution is a tool that helps wineries and others involved in introducing a customer to a new wine or winery to measure and understand the impact of campaigns and initiatives on the discovery, consideration, and purchasing process.

Use Vinebase Attribution to spend more time on what's working, and improve what's not. You can also use Vinebase Attribution to track, incentivize, and reward those that share your products with others to encourage one of the best ways to grow awareness about a product: word-of-mouth.

How does it work?

Vinebase Attribution currently has support for a last-touch attribution model. For an interaction or purchase to be attributed to a source, that source must be the last touch the customer had before the sale.

How does Attribution work for Tastemakers?

Each Tastemaker has a unique short link to share with their audience to their page. For any orders placed for a Recommended Winery of the Tastemaker by a session that started from the unique short link - that Tastemaker is attributed transaction credit.

How does Attribution work for Winery <> Tastemaker bundle partnerships?

When a Winery and a Tastemaker partner on a bundle - every order that includes that bundle is attributed to the Tastemaker.

Getting started

Currently, Vinebase Attribution is in beta mode. Looking for access or to use this tool for your marketing campaigns and initiatives? Reach out to us at [email protected].

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