Customize Your Shipping Rates

Vinebase offers wineries the ability to customize the rates a customer pays for shipping depending on what state they live in. You can choose from single flat rate, varying flat rates, free shipping, or a more traditional "by the zone and by the bottle count" method. 

How do I create and edit a custom shipping rate?

1) Log into your access portal

2) Go to the shipping tab in "settings"

3) Go to the "Shipping Rates" section 

3) Click "Edit" next to the rate you'd like to edit

4) Choose between "Flat" or "Variable" rate

Here you'll be able to rename your rate, change the type of rate, and modify details of the rate. You'll notice there are two rate types which you can choose from:

  • Flat rates with optional free shipping
  • Variable rates with options to set rates for order bottle count

5) Consider your "Flat Rate" options

Flat rates let you set a single rate for shipping and optionally.

Offer free shipping above a minimum bottle count.

6) Consider your "Variable Rate" options

Edit the variable rates by creating different rates for different zones by setting the shipping rate by bottle count. 

To offer free shipping for a specific bottle count, simply enter in "0" for that field. 

7) Add a mix of variable rates

You can make as many rates as you would like. For example, if you ship to all 50 states, you could have 50 different rates. One for each state. 

We've found that many wineries price shipping by zone and bottle. In this scenario, you may create 8 or so "zone" rates. 

8) Set a state-specific shipping rate, if applicable

Review the how-to article here to learn how to set state-specific rates. 

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