FAQ's: Payment Processing

How are customer payments processed at the time of the transaction?

When a customer purchases wine on Vinebase, our payment processing logic ensures that the winery receives the amounts they are entitled to, less a charge for Stripe payment processing fees and the Vinebase fees.

Where can I find financial information about orders that have been placed with my winery?

You can find a full breakdown of any orders that have been placed with your winery, inclusive of any Vinebase fees paid, in the Orders section of your Winery Dashboard.

How are the Vinebase fees debited from a winery’s Stripe account?

Vinebase fees are debited from a winery’s Stripe account shortly after the initial transaction.

How does it work when multiple wineries are represented in a single order?

A customer that purchases wines from multiple wineries at the same time on Vinebase pays a single charge at time of transaction. Our payment processing logic divides up the order to make sure each winery receives the correct amount. From the perspective of each winery, the resulting process is no different than what is described above.

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