ADA Compliance FAQ's

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes the legal basis requiring businesses to be accessible to those with disabilities. 

What is ADA compliance?

The ADA is a comprehensive civil rights law that has applications beyond Vinebase and the wineries hosting their websites with Vinebase. California is one of the strictest states for ADA compliance, and The Wine Insitute recommends fully complying to WCAG 2.1 AA in order to minimize potential risk.

Why is it important for my website?

ADA compliance is a requirement for California brick-and-mortar businesses that operate websites. This applies to wineries that have a tasting room. And it is being increasingly enforced through lawsuits ( article).

Users with disabilities are a large and under-served segment in wine. 80% of people with disabilities have taken their business elsewhere because of poor website accessibility.

What is Vinebase doing to protect me?

Vinebase has implemented solutions to meet the accessibility standards of WCAG 2.1 AA across the winery websites that it hosts. Vinebase has taken the following best practice measures to create accessible winery website experiences:

  1. Automatically applied text descriptions and subtitles to images and videos across websites that can be easily understood by assistive technologies
  2. Full keyboard accessibility of website navigation, search, and forms
  3. Color contrast guidance has been added in the website manager to help wineries avoid making color selections that result in reduced accessibility.
  4. 100% of all site content has been validated as interpretable by screen reader technology. This means that a screen reader can understand text, images, and videos in the right order and with the correct emphasis on important points and links.

How do I know if my website meets the accessibility standards?

You can use a free Google tool called "lighthouse accessibility test". This will give you an accessibility score. 

Vinebase guarantees a score of over 90 with our site builder. However, legal action has been reported with scores of all ranges, please seek professional legal counsel to advise further on information on ADA compliance. 

TIP: Check your sites color scheme

Vinebase recommends color schemes that are ADA compliant. If you choose colors that are not readable, Vinebase will warn you on this screen.

Vinebase does not provide legal advice to its customers but is committed to providing web experiences that are accessible for all. As WCAG guidelines evolve, Vinebase will revisit and improve upon how it supports accessibility across winery websites. We are also open to feedback on how we can make winery websites more accessible to all types of users, and would love to hear your feedback at

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