FAQ's: Vinebase Referral Program

Love Vinebase and want to spread the word?

When you send us the contact details of fellow independent wineries who would love Vinebase as much as you do, you'll get savings off of your platform fees and other perks and thank-you gifts. 

How do I refer to a winery?

If you're a winery with a website through Vinebase, you can refer to new wineries from inside the portal. At the bottom of your portal menu (bottom left-hand side), you'll see the "Refer a Friend" option. Click here, and you'll be asked for your friend's contact details. You'll also view the status of previous referrals by clicking on "View past referrals." 

What counts as a successful referral?

A referral is counted when the person you referred onboards to Vinebase. At this time, we'll add one month of platform-fee free time to both of your accounts. 

If this is your first referral or a milestone referral, we'll reach out to you via email to get you set up with any incentives you've earned. 

What incentives are available?

While we know helping your fellow wineries out is incentive enough for many, we still would like to show our appreciation for your referrals by offering incentives for each referral you send our way. Our motivations are currently:

  • First Referral: We'll put on a wine photoshoot for 3 of your wines for both you and your friend
  • Subsequent Referrals: We'll waive one month of platform fees for both you and your friend
  • Milestone Referrals: We'll do something special for you, such as offer an hour of marketing consultation, featured placement, a story brand audit, an additional photo shoot, or another perk, depending on what you could use at the moment. 

We're always experimenting with new options. If you have an idea for an offering that you'd be interested in seeing, let us know!

I think I reached an incentive milestone, but I haven't heard anything? What should I do?

Reach out to support at support@vinebase.com, and we'll make sure you're taken care of. 

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