Winery Order Management & Fulfillment Process

Please note that any orders placed with your winery should be fulfilled within 1-2 business days. Orders that have been shipped should be marked as fulfilled and assigned a shipping tracking code within the order confirmation page on Vinebase. We will send you daily email reminders for any open orders that have not been marked accordingly.

Instructions on how to view a Vinebase order and mark it as fulfilled:

  1. Once a customer submits an order on Vinebase for your winery, you will receive email notification of your order.
  2. Login to Vinebase and navigate to your winery admin dashboard (the briefcase icon on the upper right-hand corner).
  3. Click on the 'Orders’ tab.
  4. You should now see an overview of all orders that have been placed with your winery.
  5. Click on the specific ‘Order’ to view the details for a specific Order.
  6. Once you have fulfilled the order, please add a tracking number for the consumer in the 'Shipment Tracking Information' field and click ‘Mark Fulfilled’.
  7. If you wish to ship with a carrier that is not FedEx just select the "Change Carrier" button next to the "Hold for Weather" option
  8. Once you mark an order as fulfilled, we will notify the customer their shipment is on the way! 🎉
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