Quickbooks Online Integration

Connecting your Vinebase account to Quickbooks Online is easy! This will allow you to add orders from Vinebase to Quickbooks Online. There is no charge for this integration by Vinebase, but in order to complete the integration you must have a Zapier Premium account which costs $19.99 per month.

Search this list for non-premium integrations for accounting.

NOTE: You do not need a Quickbooks integration to use Quickbooks to create invoices and create orders for wholesale buyers. The Quickbooks integration is designed to automatically import your orders and customer information from Vinebase into your Quickbooks Online Account. Without this integration, you can export your orders from the orders manager portal and import them into Quickbooks Online.

To set up your Quickbooks Online -> Vinebase integration you'll need the following information:

  • An active Vinebase account & your username and password
  • A Zapier account, available at https://zapier.com/

Once you have that information, it's time to get started! Once you have this info, setup should take less than 10 minutes to set up.

Connecting Vinebase to Quickbooks

Note: Connecting to Quickbooks via Zapier requires a premium Zapier account.

Part I: Connect to Vinebase

1. Accept the Invite to Set Up a Zap

To get started, you'll need to accept an invite to use Vinebase on Zapier. The first step is simple, just click the link below

To gain access, follow this link

2. Set up a New "Zap"

3. Select Vinebase from the List

4. Connect your Vinebase account and add your credentials

5. Select your winery from the list, click continue

Part II: Connect to Quickbooks

First, select Quickbooks from the list of applications. You'll then need to add your Quickbooks online account credentials to log in and connect.

There are multiple options for what you can do next. For example, you can use winery orders to create receipts and/or invoices, add customers, and more. This part may require a little experimentation to get the data into Quickbooks in the way you'd like it to appear. Generally, you'll "map" different parts of the Vinebase Winery Order to the different fields Quickbooks accepts. 

Once you've mapped the fields, you can test your zap to make sure it appears in Quickbooks as you'd expect by clicking on "test and continue". 

Assuming this results in success, turn the zap on and you're ready to go!

For additional help, you can also check out Quickbook's support articles here

If you didn't see the success message or had trouble with any part of this tutorial, feel free to email us at support@vinebase.com with any questions.

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