What are bundles on Vinebase?

Bundles are a collection of wines you can sell in one go! It's a great way to let consumers try a variety of your offerings, introduce a selection of your wines for a consumer discovering your winery for the first time, or share a unique offering for your winery!

Bundles look like a combination of wines that are already on your profile. We also find consumers love discovering when a winery has a "special" or exclusive wine available in a bundled form. 

Bundles will always have shipping included, so keep that in mind when pricing them. 

You have the ability to price your bundle however you would like and keep in mind that when a consumer is looking at bundles, it includes the price of shipping in the overall bundle price. This means the consumer will see "shipping included" when bundles are added to their cart. Here is a link with information on bundles within our Cashback Program!

How can I create bundles?

- You can create bundles by going to your Winery Portal and selecting the "Bundles" tab.

- You will be able to add wines to the bundle from wines that are already uploaded to your profile 

Need help putting together an offering for a bundle?

Our team is more than happy to help! Feel free to reach out at [email protected] and we're on it.

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