Orders Discounts FAQ's

How do discounts work and what are my options? Great question! There are a few different ways to utilize discounts on Vinebase. Here we'll cover stacking discounts, wine club discounts, promo codes, portal order discounts, and discounting strategies.

How do wine club discounts work?

Customers can access any discount associated with their club tier when they are logged in on the winery website. Discounts will be automatically applied to the cart.

During the member experience, the customer will see a banner across the top of the page indicating the wine discount they receive (if any).

Can I create wine club-exclusive products along with discounts?

At this time, we cannot support wine club-exclusive products, but please reach out to us at support@vinebase.com and we'll work with you to find another solution!

How do I create a promo code?

At this time we have not built discount-creation functionality into the Vinebase portal, regardless of whether a customer is a club member or not. If a winery wants to run a discount, they should reach out to their account manager.

Your account manager will create the promo code with the correct product discount, shipping discount, and duration that you'd like. 

What is the difference between wine club discounts and promo codes?

Wine club discounts are always applied to member orders. The wine club discount will be applied to club shipments and any additional orders made through the website or marketplace.

Promo codes are only applicable to non-members. Club discounts supercede promo codes.

Can a customer stack discounts?

Customers are not able to stack wine club discounts with other promo codes. If you are interested in running a stackable promo campaign, please reach out to your account manager for assistance and best practices!

How to create portal order discounts?

You can add a fixed dollar discount ($), a percentage discount (%), or toggle free shipping. 

Club discounts are not automatically applied to portal orders so these will need to be applied manually. 

How do I know if a promo was successful?

Please reach out to your account manager to run a report on performance and sales metrics.

TIP: Discounting Strategies

There are many options when it comes to offering discounts for wine clubs and running promos. We would love to help build a recommendation that suits your brand's needs. Please reach out to your account manager to schedule time to discuss what will work best for you!

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