Wine Product Page Best Practices

Fun Facts - 

Include at least one fun fact. These are searchable by consumers, and gives them an easy way to understand what makes your wine special! Feel free to add any many as reasonably relevant.

Wine Descriptions - 

This is your chance to share what makes your wine worth drinking. We recommend 3-5 sentences that convey the product benefits (i.e. aromas & flavors, why you chose to make the wine the way you did, what sets it apart). It's also a chance to share a story; human connection can be one of the most powerful selling tools at a winery's disposal. Give a vivid picture of harvest conditions, winemaking steps, or what inspired you to craft this varietal.


Hero Image - The image selected as a "hero" will show on product listing pages (i.e. pages with a list of products based on a category or search query, such as this one). The image you choose here is important, as it should clearly show what the product is and inspire people to click on the actual product page. ThereAfter has really great examples of wine bottle shots. Ideally, this "hero" image should be horizontally cropped with a 5:4 ratio. 

Primary Image - The image selected as a "primary" image will be the main product image on the product description page. The image here should clearly communicate the product. Square crops are best for the site.

Additional Images - We recommend having 3+ images total per wine (this can include the hero and primary images). Our shoppers love to see shots of the vineyard, winemaking practices, and people behind the wine. Additional images are your chance to add some personality and showcase your product. These should be square cropped and high-resolution.

How Many Wines Should I List? - 

We strongly recommend listing as many wines as possible on Vinebaes. The more selection, the better. Consumers want to try a variety of your wines before committing to buying multiple bottles, and if you offer shipping included over a certain order size, they want to hit that incentive! 

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