Create a wine club tier

Wine clubs with Vinebase are easy to create, flexible, and a great driver of sales for repeat customers. Learn how to make unique levels of membership for your more loyal customers. 

1) Log into your Winery Portal

2) Click on the "Wine Club" tab

3) Click on "Add New Tier"

To add a new wine club tier, Click on Add new tier

4) Create a name for your new tier 

The tier information on this page is used to display to your website visitors when they seek more information about your wine club offerings.

TIP: Let your tier names tell a story! Wine clubs are about sharing your story with your most loyal customers and growing your wine family. 

Type the name of the Tier

5) Enter your shipment frequency

This is the number of shipments you plan to ship during the year.

Enter your planned Shipment Frequency

6) Select the "Status" of the tier

The "status" of the tier will determine how the tier will show up on your website for visitors.

  • Active will display and allow new members to join
  • Sign up closed will display but restrict new members from joining
    • TIP: This status is recommended when you would like to limit the number of members who can join your tier but still want the tier to appear on your website!
  • Draft will not display
  • Inactive will not display

Select the Status of the Tier

7) Add the months that you plan to send out shipments

Shipment months are merely a guideline to give your members an estimate of when to expect shipments.

Add in your planned shipment months

8) Enter the minimum bottles per shipment

The minimum bottles per shipment will be the default bottle count required for each wine club shipment that is sent out for this specific tier. When you create each shipment, you'll be prompted to select the default wines you wish to include within the shipment. 

After you have run the shipment within the portal, customers are notified of their ability to customize the wines in their shipment, meaning that they can edit which wines they want to receive in their personal shipment. Customers will only be able to select wines you currently have in stock and will be unable to select fewer bottles than your required minimum bottles per shipment, which you will input here. 

9) Add the estimated average cost per shipment

This is just an estimate and keeps the consumer informed of the expected future cost throughout the joining and checkout process on your website. 

Where is this shown? The average shipment cost is displayed in the wine club signup process. It is a customer's right to be made aware of what they're signing up for and a legal requirement that subscriptions have clear and conspicuous terms. This ensures your customers have an estimation of how much they will be charged each time you send out a shipment.

Add the estimated average cost per shipment

10) Select whether shipping is included for club shipments

Club shipments are charged as one price, similar to bundles. If you would like shipping to be free for all shipments related to this tier, then check this box. 

If you wish to charge members the normal shipping rates you have set up within your shipping settings for all shipments related to this tier, leave this box un-checked.

Select whether Shipping is included for club shipments

11) Add a cover image for the wine club tier (optional)

Optionally, you can add a cover image to the wine club tier

12) Add automatically applied member benefits for the tier

Member benefits that will be automatically applied to all non-wine club orders once a member is logged in include:

  • Wine discounts (percentage off and/or fixed dollar amounts)
  • Free shipping thresholds

Add any member benefits for the tier

13) Add any additional benefits

Additional benefits added to tiers will be displayed on your website within the tier information section. However, because these are customizable, these benefits will not automatically be applied to member accounts when they are signed in.

TIP: Add as many additional benefits to your wine club tiers as you wish; the sky's the limit! Some creative benefits we’ve seen wineries add include:

  • Complimentary tastings
  • Complimentary branded wine glass
  • Tickets to parties, pop-ups, and events
  • Release parties
  • and more!

Add any additional benefits

14) Once you're ready, click "Create Tier"

Once you're ready, click Create Tier

Need to make a change? No problem!

On the Tiers tab within the Wine Club page, you can manage each of your tiers - including editing and deleting tiers.

Note: you can only delete a Tier if you have no members in that Tier. If you have members, you must go into the Members tab and reassign them to another Tier before deleting.

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