Reroute to UPS pickup location

Did you know? You can re-route any UPS shipment to a nearby physical retail location. 

✅  Reduced risk of missing your delivery

✅  Avoid your wine waiting on hot trucks or on your front doorstep

✅  Stress free, just pickup in 5 days!

UPS will only attempt to deliver your wines 3 times before it considers the delivery "Failed" and they send it back to the winery.

Below are the steps to re-route your package to the nearest UPS pickup location so that you can successfully receive your wines.

1. Enter your tracking code in

Your shipping tracking code is in the shipping notifications you receive from Vinebase.

If you have issues finding this tracking code, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 

2. Log in, or create a UPS My Choice account

UPS requires you to have an account in order to control and re-route packages. 

See their instructions for signing up for an account.

3. Select your package, and click on "Delivery Options"

If you don't see "Delivery Options", please reach out to us for assistance at 

4. Follow the prompts to reroute your package to a different location, including pickup locations

We recommend routing to your local UPS store. It's easy to grab a package at your convenience at any of these locations. Typically, the store will hold it for 5 days after receiving. 

Tip: You will need your drivers' license and tracking code to pick up the package at a UPS pickup location!

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