Winery Page Best Practices

Setting up your winery page is an important step to being successful on Vinebase. Below we'll cover some frequently asked questions and best practices to take into consideration during the process. Keep in mind, your page is an opportunity to share your story with potential customers and help them understand why they should buy from YOU! Give insights into who you are and make a connection. Below is a short checklist to make sure you have everything you need to be successful here!

☐ Tagline

  • 1-2 short sentences. This will show up on the winery discover page as well as your own winery page. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point, while adding a flair of personality. Some great examples: 
    • Croma Vera - "A tiny (but mighty) winery making damn good wine.
    • Smith Devereux - "Every wine tells a story. We hope that ours becomes a part of yours."
    • AJA Vineyards - "A father-daughter duo making wine from the Malibu coast"

☐ Short Description

  • 2-3 sentences to give a summary of what you do. This will show up on your winery page under "Overview" on the left-hand side (see an example winery page here). 
  • Think of this as an elevator pitch. Give your audience more info while drawing them in for more. Some great examples:
    • Smith Devereux - "Built on the belief that you shouldn't have to wait to drink world-class wines, we produce delicious wines at killer prices, never sacrificing quality. Our limited-production wines are sustainably-farmed, hand-crafted and ready to be shared."
    • Rockets Red - "Rockets Red Wines is small batch, handmade wine. Our winemaker took influence from his career in the United States Air Force to create fun and easy drinking wines with distinctly military themed labels.

☐ Description

  • Internally we refer to this section as the "what you see is what you get" box... because what you put here will reflect exactly the way it looks on site! You can use a mixture of images and text in this area. 
  • Some important things to consider: 
    • USE IMAGES! Show your face, show behind the scenes, help people connect to your brand. 
    • Elaborate on each winery tag you use. For example, if you're woman-led, but sure to mention who that lovely woman is. If you're using organic or biodynamic vineyard practices, elaborate on why that's important to your brand. Our shoppers love to get to know you better and this helps them make conscious buying decisions and creates a more meaningful connection with your brand. 
    • Keep it easy to read. This section can be as long or short as you see fit, but don't make it a boring book! If you're going to have it be on the longer side, break up the text with headers and images to keep it scannable and interesting. 

☐ Winery Tags

  • Winery tags are a great way for shoppers to get to know you and find you on our site! Be sure to use 2-5 relevant tags. And remember... find a way to work these tags into your description above. Our consumers want to know who's behind their wine and why they should shop with you. 

☐ Images

  • Your logo should be a high-res square cropped photo. 
  • Your hero image will be the banner that's displayed across the top of your winery page, as well as the main image found on the winery discover page. We recommend that these have people in the images, to really bring your brand to life and help our audience connect with you.
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