Customer Weather Hold FAQs

Why is my order on a “weather hold”?

When a winery feels the temperature is too extreme for shipping, it may temporarily place a weather hold on your wines until they can be shipped without damage.
Temperatures above 75° F can kick off chemical reactions in your winemaking it tastes like burnt or stewed fruit & accentuating the acidity of the wine.
Meanwhile, shipping in very cold conditions can result in added pressure put on the cork and bottle due to the expansion of the wine. This can result in cracked bottles and/or pushed-out corks.
To avoid these issues, wineries may place your order on a weather hold when temperatures or conditions are extreme. Once conditions improve, the winery will release your weather hold, ship out your bottles, and send you your new tracking information.

How long will my order be on a weather hold?

Weather hold length varies depending on the conditions and time of year. Some holds last just long enough to wait for a heatwave or cold snap to pass, while others can be longer. 

For example, you may experience a longer weather hold if trying to ship to Phoenix in the middle of the summer or Maine in the dead of winter. If you're concerned about the possibility of a weather hold and have questions, please contact us through chat or at

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