7/7/2022: Generate a draft in thank you notes

Get inspired with the "Generate a draft!" button

Telling your story online can take a lot of work. And we've all been there when you open up an email to write, and boom! - writers block hits.

We are excited to share the first step of many in using data and shared insights across the community of wineries on Vinebase to power suggestions that make it easier to do great marketing. 

Our first release is with thank you notes - an email that you can set up to auto-send to your customers after their purchases to build connection and loyalty. 

Thank you notes are now complete with a "Generate a draft!" button. All you need to do:

  1. Click generate a draft
  2. If you don't like the draft, you can click it again
  3. Make any edits you want directly in the text box
  4. Save it and you're done!

We have more up our sleeves coming soon to help you scale your marketing - and are excited to share this first step!

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