FAQ about turnkey email marketing

Does turnkey email marketing cost extra?

No. This is included in your $2.95 per transaction platform fee.

Do emails get sent to my existing customer list, or just new subscribers I get through Vinebase?

You can have turnkey emails sent to your entire customer list (recommended). 

To submit your list, you can go to your Portal > Marketing > Turnkey Email List Submission.

Or you can submit directly using this link: Turnkey Email List Submission Form

Does Vinebase email my customers without my permission?

No. You will always receive a preview of any generated marketing email to be sent for your brand, and it will only be sent after your approval. 

Does Vinebase send other marketing emails to my customers?

We take privacy very seriously. The customer list you upload is only used for your marketing efforts. And by uploading your list, you agree that you have full permission to email each person on your list.

Customers may sign up for Vinebase marketing emails through other channels. But we will not send emails that the customer has not explicitly signed up for.

What if I have ideas of emails I want sent?

You can submit an ad hoc request by going to your Portal > Marketing > Adhoc Turnkey Email Request. 

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