Collect Payment from Portal Order

Vinebase currently does not allow wineries to charge customers' credit card records outside of running a wine club shipment. However, your customers' payment and shipping details are saved in their account, so you can create and send a Portal Order and the customer will simply need to confirm payment. 

How to create an order and send payment links to a customer?

1. Create a Portal Order using the steps here

2. Send the order and payment link via email or SMS

Once you are done crafting the order and SAVE, the payment link will auto-generate. 

3. This is what your customer sees!

4. Manage and fulfill the order in the dashboard

TIP: Use the Portal Order builder for in-person events

Looking for additional ways to use the Portal Order builder? Use this tool as a POS system for tasting room sales, in-person events, or as an extra touch for high value customers. 

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