Gift Order FAQ's

Vinebase's gift program lets you offer a personalized gifting experience your customers will love, even if running a gifting program is new territory!

What is the gifting program through Vinebase?

With this program, your customers will have the ability to purchase and send wine as a gift to friends, family, or colleagues, all while you watch your customer list grow.

Vinebase's gifting program eliminates the worry that customers may encounter while sending your wine as gifts. This includes recipients successfully receiving their gifts on a specified date that is convenient for them, minimizing failed deliveries.

How do "Gift Orders" differ from "Normal Orders"?

Review the step-by-step article here on how to fulfill a gift order.

Gift orders have the option to be sent to a business address, directly to the recipient's address, or to a pickup location of the recipient's choosing.

Gift orders may be scheduled by a customer. The date selected is the date the gift recipient will receive an email or text message for delivery details. Reoccurring shipments are not possible at this time. 

How do fulfilling "Gift Orders" differ?

First, the gift recipient will need to select "claim their gift" from the SMS text or email. Once they provide the shipping address, the order will update with the correct tax amount. Then the gift sender's card will be charged and the order is ready to fulfill. 

You will not see the order in your portal until the gift recipient enters the correct shipping address. 

What if the customer doesn't know the gift address?

The gift sender does not have to know the recipient's home address. Upon notification that they've received a gift, the recipient can claim their gift and add their address to the order.

Both gift order recipients & gift order senders can choose to receive shipping updates.

Can the sender add notes?

All gift orders include a note from the gift giver to the recipient that is sent upon successful checkout of the gift order. An additional (optional) note is sent via email and/or SMS upon delivery of the gift.

Can I add gift recipients to my marketing email campaigns?

Yes, the gift recipient can opt into marketing emails. 

How do I get gifting enabled for my website?

As a winery, there's nothing you need to do to get started with gifting! Everything is already enabled for you in the Vinebase cart. Gift orders will appear in your order dashboard as normal orders. 

Can I add gift cards to my site?

We don't currently support gift cards, but please reach out to us at and we'll work with you to find another solution!

Want more information on gifts or corporate orders? Check out this help article to learn how to order a gift as a consumer or reach out to us at

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