Fulfill a Vinebase Order

Congratulations on your order!

Follow these steps below to fulfill the order and ensure the best possible customer experience. Orders placed with your winery should be fulfilled within 1-2 business days.

How to fulfill a Vinebase order?

1. Log into your Vinebase Account:

2. Navigate to the “Order” button on the Left Hand Side:

3. Click “View” next to the order you wish to fulfill

The portal will show you the shipping information for the customer, bottles in the order, and the payment breakdown.

4. Enter the tracking number and hit ship!

If you don't have the tracking number at this time, you can come back to this portal to enter the tracking number into the portal and select the shipper you used. We will send you daily email reminders for any open orders that have not been marked with a tracking number.

What are my shipping options?

5. The customer will receive an email and text message saying you have shipped the order

They will also receive tracking updates every step of the way to ensure the wine gets to them successfully! 

Payment processing FAQ's

TIP: Enable thank you emails

Add a personal touch with personalized thank you emails. These emails will be sent to the customer once the order was placed, about 30 minutes after the order confirmation.

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