Shipping to a FedEx Access Point FAQ's

Vinebase offers your customers the option to ship to a FedEx Access Point rather to their home. 

What is a FedEx Access Point?

To ensure delivery success, Vinebase customers may optionally request that their delivery be shipped to a FedEx Access Point. These pick-up locations are typically located in Walgreens pharmacies and FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers nationwide.  

Why use a FedEx Access Point?

For wineries, shipping to a FedEx Access Point ensures that a delivery will be successful on the first attempt. You’ll have fewer failed deliveries shipped back to you and fewer return shipping charges. 

For customers, pickup locations are a great option for those who may not be home to sign for their wine delivery. Once a package is received at a pickup location, the recipient then has 5 days to pick up their package.

How do I ship to a FedEx Access Point?

When you receive an order where a customer has requested shipment to a pickup location, you’ll see an alert notifying you that FedEx must be used to ship this order. 
You’ll be prompted to enter and confirm the package has a valid FedEx tracking number. 

What if I can’t use FedEx?

While we encourage you to use FedEx whenever a pickup location is requested, we know that sometimes it may not be feasible to do so. If you need to use a different carrier, you can click on the “Change carrier” button on the order page. You’ll then be prompted to confirm the change. 

Once a change of carrier is confirmed, the customer address will switch to your own address, and you’ll be able to enter a tracking number with a different carrier. 

Please note, if a change of carrier is requested, the shipment must be shipped to the recipient's home address. Non-FedEx deliveries will not be accepted at FedEx pickup locations.

How do I enable/ disable FedEx Access Point shipping?

If you want to edit your capability to send orders to FedEx pickup locations, you can choose to turn pickup locations on or off for your winery. To do this:
1. Head to Portal > Settings > Shipping and find "FedEx Pickup Locations"
2. Select "I prefer" or "I cannot or prefer not to ship with FedEx"
3. Click "Save"

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