Ship to a FedEx Access Point

If you selected in shipping settings that you are able to ship through FedEx, a customer can request shipment to a FedEx pickup location. In the order, you’ll see a notification letting you know that FedEx must be used to ship this order. 

How to ship to FedEx or Walgreens?

1. Click into an order

2. Find FedEx Access point details on the left-hand screen

The address of the Access Point will be listed here.

3. Once entered and confirmed, the package can be shipped out as usual

Enter the tracking number from FedEx or your 3rd party shipping provider so the order is up-to-date and tracking details can be sent to your customer. 

4. Use another carrier if you are unable to support FedEx Access Point shipping

While we encourage you to use FedEx whenever a pickup location is requested, we know that sometimes it may not be feasible to do so. If you need to use a different carrier, you can click on the “Change carrier” button on the order page. You’ll then be prompted to confirm the change. 

Once a change of carrier is confirmed, the Fedex Access Point address will switch to the customer's correct shipping address, and you’ll be able to enter a tracking number with a different carrier. 

Please note, if a change of carrier is requested, the shipment must be shipped to the recipient's home address. Non-FedEx deliveries will not be accepted at FedEx pickup locations.

5. Edit your shipping capabilities, if needed 

Find instructions on how to enable or disable FedEx Access Point shipping here

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