Vinoshipper cart integration FAQ's

Wineries can now connect their Vinebase cart and their Vinoshipper cart so that customers can add to cart on their website and be redirected to Vinoshipper to complete the purchase.

Why is Vinoshipper connected with Vinebase?

Vinoshipper is an important compliance tool for independent wineries and this is our first step in a series of planned projects to offer a seamless integration between the two platforms. We’re the first and only company Vinoshipper is building this integration with and it solves the problem of having to manually input orders where you need to use Vinoshipper licenses into Vinoshipper.

What is Vinoshipper?

Vinoshipper is a compliance tool for wineries that allows wineries to process an order on a Vinoshipper direct to consumer shipping license. In order to use Vinoshipper with a Vinebase Hosted Website, you will need to connect the two platforms using our Vinoshipper Cart Integration.

What does the customer experience look like in states where my Vinoshipper cart integration is enabled?

Once you have enabled your Vinoshipper cart integration for specific states, a customer who is located in any of those states can add wines to their cart on your website or on the marketplace. When they go to check out, they will be redirected to Vinoshipper to complete the purchase. This is what it will look like:

Because the order will be processed through Vinoshipper, customers in these states will receive all order notifications and updates through Vinoshipper.

Where do my orders go when using the Vinoshipper cart integration?

At this time, any orders that are processed through the Vinoshipper cart integration will not populate into your Vinebase orders dashboard, and will instead populate within your Vinoshipper portal like normal. 

What functionalities do not work with the new integration?

At this time, the following functionalities do not work with the new integration:

  • Vinebase wine club for members in Vinoshipper integration enabled states
  • Automatically applied discounts for logged in members in Vinoshipper integration enabled states
  • Any Vinebase-side coupons (i.e. email capture pop up coupons) for customers in Vinoshipper integration enabled states

We are working with Vinoshipper to continue making this integration more seamless and easy for you and your customers.

How much does the Vinoshipper cart integration cost?

Orders processed through the Vinoshipper Cart Integration have the same Vinebase Fees of $2.95/transaction as orders processed through the Vinebase Cart only. 

How do I pay for the Vinoshipper cart integration fees?

You will be invoiced monthly for the orders completed through your Vinoshipper cart integration. We kindly request that you pay this invoice within two weeks of receiving it to avoid late fees. Please see here for our Vinoshipper cart integration terms and conditions.

How to use Vinebase's wine club feature with the Vinoshipper cart integration?

At this time, the Vinebase wine club functionality does not work for members inn Vinoshipper integration enabled states. For new members to sign up if they are located in these states, they will be directed to your Vinoshipper club page to complete sign up.

Where do I go for questions about the Vinoshipper cart integration?

If you have questions about the Vinoshipper-side of the integration (i.e. your account or orders processed through their website), please reach out to them to receive assistance.

If you have questions regarding the cart integration itself or the Vinebase-side of the integration, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via

How do I set up the cart integration if I already use Vinoshipper?

The first step to setting up this integration is setting up Vinebase with Managed Access on your Vinoshipper account. This access is important for integration purposes and will allow the integration's information sharing between the two platforms. Here’s instructions on how to set this up in less than 2 minutes! Once you have completed this step, you can now link your wines and/or bundles yourself through your winery portal! Here's some information on how to complete these steps.

Which states should I run through Vinoshipper versus through Vinebase?

For states in which you enable the Vinoshipper cart integration, you will be paying Vinoshipper fees as well as Vinebase fees. 

Reach out to us at if you have questions about which states we recommend setting up with this integration!

Where should I go if I do not currently use Vinoshipper but would like to start?

We suggest visiting or reaching out to them directly to set up your account completely on their side before attempting to integrate the two platforms. Once your account has been created and set up, we'd love to help you implement this integration! Please reach out to and we’ll get an implementation time set up for you. 

If you have questions regarding this process, please reach out to

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