Fixed vs Variable Shipping Rates FAQ's

With Vinebase you have a few shipping rate options to charge your customers. Decide between flat rate, variable, or free shipping depending on bottle count or state you are shipping to

What is the difference between "Flat" or "Variable" rate?

Flat rates set a single fee for shipping with optional free shipping. For example, shipping is $20 and free after 6 bottles.

Variable rates give you options to set different prices for different bottle counts. For example, shipping is $20 at 2 bottles, $10 at 6 bottles, and free at 9 bottles. 

When should I use "Flat Rate" options?

Flat rate is best if you want to incentivize customers to add more bottles for lower shipping rates. For example, buy 4 bottles for $10 shipping.  

When should I use "Variable Rate" options?

This is best when creating different rates for different zones. If a lot of your customers live far from the winery, it may not be possible to offer a flat rate. 

For example, shipping 4 bottles in California may cost $10 to ship and $25 to ship to New York. 

Can I add a mix of variable and fixed rates?

Yes! You can make as many rates as you would like. For example, if you ship to all 50 states, you could have 50 different rates. One for each state. 

We've found that many wineries price shipping by zone and bottle.  

What is the best practice for shipping rates?

Vinebase advises using free shipping whenever possible. We have found that abandon cart rates are almost 80% lower when free shipping is available

TIP: Use bundles to subsidize shipping 

We understand shipping is expensive! We advise creating bundles and baking in the cost of shipping. Bundles are viewable as "shipping included" to customers so you can still charge them a percentage if necessary. 

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