Importing wine club members FAQ's

Is the migration going to be easy?

Yes! Simply export your club member data into a CSV file and import it through these steps here.

Do I need to upload information in a specific format?

Yes, here is a template that you can use. Follow these steps to structure your wine club member data from your old ecommerce provider to ensure seamless migration to your new wine club tool!

What information is required to import members?

As long as your members have at least a first name, last name, and email address, they will be successfully imported into Vinebase (no other data is required to create a member account).

What do my existing wine club members need to do in order to be fully ready for their shipments?

When you import your existing club members, accounts will automatically be created for each member. Everything that you uploaded during the import process (i.e. First name, Last name, Email address, Street Address, etc.) will be auto-populated into the member's account when they log in for the first time. 

Upon running a shipment, all wine club members within that tier who have not elected to skip the shipment or pause their membership, will receive an email from the product notifying them of the shipment and asking them to update their account information, including their credit card information.  

For information on how members are notified of your new wine club process and how we suggest managing this switch, see our related support docs!

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