8/10/22: Inventory Tracking

We’re excited to announce that inventory tracking is live! Wineries are now able to add inventory counts, track depletion to trigger marketing programs, and show low inventory or sold out wines on their website; all directly from the portal!

Enhanced inventory management for more control over your business

We’ve been listening and we’re excited to introduce our inventory tracking feature, available now within the portal!

Opt-in on a wine by wine basis to input inventory bottle count and add low stock thresholds. Take control of your customer experience through this feature by displaying low stock and/or sold out badges on your website and preventing purchase once a wine is sold out!

Track current inventory levels and automatically apply inventory decreases from Vinebase sales for each wine on your website (including sales of wines through wine club and bundle purchases)! 

Pro tip: Track in person sales through this inventory tracking feature automatically by using the portal order feature in your tasting room!

Empowering you to drive consumer FOMO and demand generation

With this new feature, wineries have a new way to drive sales through customer Fear of Missing Out (“FOMO”)!

Use “low stock” badges to create a sense of urgency to encourage website visitors to take action immediately! Opting into these badges can also trigger a turnkey email marketing campaign recommendation to do an “almost sold out” email series for a product.

Show consumers that your wines are rare and sell quickly with the “sold out” badge to prompt people to purchase other wines quicker before they sell out too!

Build excitement for a new release with the “sold out” badge on older releases and a note alluding to your next big project!

Now you’re ready to start exploring Inventory Tracking in the Vinebase portal! We’ve added some helpful tutorials on the new feature, and we’re always here for you if you need help or have questions. 

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