Customize your wine club shipment

1. Go to the winery's website

Or alternatively, if you received a New Shipment Notification email, click "View and Adjust your shipment" to be redirected immediately to the Log in page for the winery whose wine club you are a member.

2. Click Log in

Click Log in

3. Click the user icon to view your account details

Click the user icon to view your account details

4. Click Wine club

Click Wine club

5. Scroll down past the tier options and click Edit shipment

When you have an active shipment, you will see it within the Wine club tab. Click Edit shipment

6. Customize your shipment by adding different products to your shipment that are available from the winery.

Although your shipment is completely customizable, the shipment must contain the minimum bottles required for shipments within the tier that you are a member.

Customize your shipment by adding or deleting different products from your shipment available from the winery.

7. Once you customize your shipment and ensure all of your information is updated, the winery will be able to run your shipment!

Time to enjoy your wine!

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