Walgreens & Delivery Access Points

Stressed about being home to sign for your package when your wine is delivered? Stress no more! Vinebase is partnering with FedEx, making it easy to ship small production wine to 10,000+ Walgreens and other FedEx Access Points. Below you'll find some commonly asked questions to help walk you to through the process. 
How do I ship to a pickup location?
In checkout, simply opt to have the shipment sent to a pickup location. We'll suggest nearby locations so you can easily find the delivery access point closest to you. 
What is a FedEx Access Point?
To ensure delivery success, Vinebase customers may request that their delivery be shipped to a FedEx Access Point. These pick-up locations are typically located in Walgreens pharmacies and FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers nationwide.  
Why use a FedEx Access Point?
When you order wine online, a signature and valid ID are required for delivery. Shipping to a FedEx Access Point ensures that the delivery will be successful on the first attempt without you waiting around for it to show up. That means you can go into the office, be on vacation, or simply run to the grocery store without worrying your wine is going to be turned away. 
How long will the FedEx Access Point hold my package?
Walgreens and other FedEx Access Points will hold a package for up to 5 business days.
What do I need to pick up my wine?
Please bring your ID and tracking number. You must be 21+ to pick up your wine and the name must match what's on the shipment.
Is this option available for all wineries on Vinebase?

This sounds amazing, why didn't this exist before? 

I know right?!? If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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