8/15/2022: Cider capabilities

We’re excited to announce that cider-producing wineries can now add cider products directly to their website through the winery portal! Use the bundle, wine club, and order fulfillment functionalities for your cider, just as you would with your wines!

Add your ciders to your website for a cohesive customer experience for all your products

Just like your wines, ciders are added to your website through the wine builder within the portal! To enable the cider-specific style designations, just choose “Cider” from the category drop down menu in the “General” section within the editor. Once you’ve created and published your cider, add it to any bundle or wine club shipment and boom, you’re selling your cider online!

Our commitment to supporting your entire business  

Our commitment at Vinebase has always been to make independent wine thrive, and your cider products are no exception! We’re excited to continue to support your entire business to help grow your customer base and current customer value by providing you with additional product offering and cross-selling capabilities.

We’re committed to making independent wine thrive. That’s why, if you sell cider, we want to support every part of your business! We’re always here if you need help or have questions, just email support@vinebase.com!

Note: It remains the responsibility of each winery to comply with each state’s applicable shipping laws on sales of cider occurring through Vinebase. Please see our Winery Compliance FAQs for further information.

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