FAQs: Email capture pop up

Email capture pop ups are a proven method to increase visitor engagement, encourage email subscription, and drive sales conversion. Build your customer base to fuel email marketing activity in order to engage with, and convert, your customers!

How do I create or edit my email capture pop up?

If you wish to edit your website's email capture pop up, simply fill out this form with your desired heading, messaging, discount, and image!

What do email capture pop ups look like?

Here is an example of an email capture pop up that has already been implemented!

How do I see the pop up on my website?

As a winery, you will likely not see the pop up because you are a repeat visitor to your own website.

To view the pop up like a new user would, you can open an Incognito Tab. Here's a quick tip article on how to open Incognito Tabs for most major web browsers.

When do email capture pop ups render (appear)?

Research shows that targeting engaged visitors who have already started to browse and discover your brand are more likely to convert to purchases than visitors who are prompted for email capture right upon landing! This is why your email capture pop ups will only render (or appear) for visitors once they've clicked onto a 2nd page within your site. 

Are current email subscribers and customers asked for their email?

Nope! Our email capture pop ups are smart and are designed to keep your loyal customers happy and coming back. The pop up will not render (or appear) on your website if the visitor is a logged-in customer or they have dismissed it or filled it out previously.

Do discount codes work with third party cart integrations?

At this time, we cannot provide discount codes for checkout with third party cart integrations (i.e. Vinoshipper). Due to this, if a website visitor is located in a state that you have enabled as a third party cart integration, a pop up will appear asking for their email, but no discount code will be provided.

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