Guide: How to migrate an existing wine club

You’ve just joined Vinebase, congrats! Let’s help you migrate your existing wine club over to your new website! 

Create tiers that match your current wine club offerings

Whether you have 1 tier or 20, wine club tier management has never been easier. For each tier you currently offer, create a new wine club tier! Here’s some helpful tips to keep in mind when creating your tiers:

Add as many additional benefits to your wine club tiers as you wish; the sky's the limit! Some creative benefits we’ve seen wineries add include:

  • Complimentary tastings
  • Complimentary branded wine glass
  • Tickets to parties, pop-ups, and events
  • Release parties
  • and more!

The decision to offer free shipping for your wine club shipments is completely up to you! However, we’d love to aid in your decision. Here are some helpful tips about shipping and wine club shipments!

  • Encourage prospective members to sign up for a higher tier of your wine club by including shipping! 
  • List “complimentary free shipping on wine club shipments” as an additional benefit within the tier information page to ensure this information is visible to customers from your website! 

Upload your current wine club members

We understand that migrating to a new platform can be cumbersome and time consuming. That’s where our bulk wine club member import comes in! At the click of a button, upload all of your existing wine club members into your new wine club portal and associate them with the tiers you just created.

  1.  Follow these helpful guidelines to structure your wine club member data from your old ecommerce provider to ensure seamless migration to your new wine club tool
  2. Import your existing wine club members into Vinebase using our bulk import feature to add multiple members at a time to one tier
  3. If you need to add individual wine club members that were not already part of your existing wine club, add them through the Members tab within the Wine Club page
  4. If at any time you need to edit wine club membership details for a specific member, such as reassigning members to different tiers or editing member information, you can do so directly within the Members tab as well

Before creating and running your first shipment, consider following our recommended pre-shipment steps

If you are migrating your wine club over from your old ecommerce provider, now is a great time to think about pre-shipment positioning and expectation setting with your current wine club members! 

Once you create a shipment, all wine club members within that tier will automatically receive the “new shipment notification” email, and if this is the first time they’re hearing about your new wine club, they might be a bit confused. 

We recommend reaching out to your current wine club members before creating a shipment to talk about your new wine club feature and the experience members can expect to have. 

  • Within this email, you can work out any confusion with existing wine club members about how the process works, provide an additional touch point with your customers to help them successfully navigate a new experience, and most importantly, prepare them to expect to update their information once the first shipment is run. If you're looking for some examples of messaging we recommend using, see our pre-shipment FAQs!
  • The three pieces of information that current wine club members will need to update or confirm within their account before their shipment can be processed are: (1) credit card information, (2) shipping address, and (3) date of birth

Although members are automatically prompted to update their account information when a shipment for their tier is created, existing wine club members might be hesitant to learn the new process and update their information using an entirely new platform. See our pre-shipment FAQs for suggestions on how to triage missing wine club member information to make your first wine club shipment as successful as possible! 


Now you're ready to create and run your first wine club shipment!

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