Shipping to FedEx Access Points for Wineries

What is a FedEx Access Point?

To ensure delivery success, Vinebase customers may optionally request that their delivery be shipped to a FedEx Access Point. These pick-up locations are typically located in Walgreens pharmacies and FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers nationwide.  
Why use a FedEx Access Point?
For wineries, shipping to a FedEx Access Point ensures that a delivery will be successful on the first attempt. You’ll have fewer failed deliveries shipped back to you and fewer return shipping charges. 
For customers, pickup locations are a great option for those who may not be home to sign for their wine delivery. Once a package is received at a pickup location, the recipient then has 5 days to pick up their package.

How do I ship to a FedEx Access Point?
When you receive an order where a customer has requested shipment to a pickup location, you’ll see an alert notifying you that FedEx must be used to ship this order. 
You’ll be prompted to enter and confirm the package has a valid FedEx tracking number. 
Once entered and confirmed, the package can be shipped out as normal.

What if I can’t use FedEx?
While we encourage you to use FedEx whenever a pickup location is requested, we know that sometimes it may not be feasible to do so. If you need to use a different carrier, you can click on the “Change carrier” button on the order page. You’ll then be prompted to confirm the change. 
Once a change of carrier is confirmed, the customer address will switch to your own address, and you’ll be able to enter a tracking number with a different carrier. 

Please note, if a change of carrier is requested, the shipment must be shipped to the recipient's home address. Non-FedEx deliveries will not be accepted at FedEx pickup locations.
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