Vinebase Fees

Platform Fees

By using Vinebase, you agree to paying Vinebase Platform Fees for each transaction processed using our tools. The Platform Fee is a flat fee of $2.95 per transaction. 

What is included in the Platform Fee:

  • Hosted website
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Wine club functionality
  • Post purchase delivery notifications
  • Basic marketing functionality (see Marketing Fees below)

What transactions are applicable:

  • Ecommerce orders
  • Wine club orders
  • Orders processed using any 3rd party integrations
  • Portal orders

Credit Card Processing Fees

Vinebase uses Stripe for credit card processing and passes through their fees for each order to the merchant as Credit Card Processing Fees.

Marketing Fees

As a merchant on Vinebase, you may choose to engage in Marketing Programs which are available for an additional fee. For the most up to date list of paid marketing programs, please visit your Portal. 

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