Guide: How to launch a new wine club

Interested in learning more about launching a new wine club? Looking for some guidance into how to market your new wine club and bring in more members? Well then you’re in the right place!

Wine clubs are an excellent way to increase your loyal customer base and facilitate growing your wine family! Vinebase’s wine club management is simple, easy to use and takes less than 10 minutes to set up! Follow the steps below to learn how.

Create membership tiers

The first step to launching your new wine club is to create your membership tiers. Here’s a step by step walkthrough of how to create a new tier within the wine club tool in your portal!

Creating membership tiers from scratch can be daunting, but we’re here to help! Here’s some recommendations we have for setting up new wine club membership tiers.

Don’t be afraid to make entry level tiers, such as offering a tier that’s 4 bottles, 2 times a year.

  • Our data shows that the customizable wine club functionality leads approximately 30% of members to increase their total shipment value an average of 50%. 
  • Introduce members to your wine club family with entry level tiers that are less of an upfront commitment and watch as they increase their shipment value all on their own! 

Increase the tier's minimum bottle count to make it more cost effective to include shipping for club member shipments.

  • Free shipping on wine club shipments can help encourage prospective members to sign up for your club! Who doesn’t love free shipping?!
  • Listing “complimentary free shipping on wine club shipments” as an additional benefit within the tier information page ensures this information is visible to customers from your website!

Encourage new member signup by having tiers on your website that are unique and inviting! Make your tier names creative or meaningful to your winery’s story. Add as many additional benefits to your wine club tiers as you wish; the sky's the limit! Some creative benefits can include:

  • Complimentary branded wine glass
  • Tickets to release parties, pop-ups, and events
  • and more!

Marketing your new wine club

Great, you’ve created your new wine club tiers and you’re ready to start marketing your brand new wine club! The ultimate goal for marketing your new wine club is to raise awareness and reach a high volume of current customers. The best way to create hype around your new wine club is to send email campaigns to your current subscribers highlighting your new club! 

When considering how to position your new wine club and drive member signups, we recommend the following:

Communicate your thankfulness to your current customers for their support and express your gratitude for their loyalty to your winery

  • Current customers will be the most likely to sign up for your new wine club. They have already experienced what makes your wine great and have the highest chance of resonating with your wine club's offerings and making the decision to sign up. Communicating your thankfulness goes a long way in ensuring their continued loyalty.

Focus on your brand and storytelling

  • Show prospective members what your winery cares about, plans for the future, and most importantly, the people behind the business.

Highlight the great value you’re giving club members

  • The main attraction of subscription wine clubs is the consistent savings they give to those who sign up.
  • Emphasize that members can receive discounts and/or free shipping on non-wine club orders.
  • Specifically advertise immediate use of member benefits once they sign up and log into their account.

Emphasize the exclusivity and community around your wine club

  • Subscription memberships are enticing because of the offerings given only to those who sign up.
  • Promote your club as a tight-knit community and family to drive home the idea of exclusivity.

Encourage sign ups by advertising a member-only event to all of your email subscribers

  • Advertise wine tastings, dinners, or other events that are member-only and incentivize sign ups for customers to enjoy the experiences you offer members.
  • Post photos on your website within the Blog section or on your social media pages to let members who have already signed up do the advertising for you.

Highlight your club’s flexibility and online member experience

  • Members appreciate the flexibility in the choice of wine versus pre-selected selections.
  • Advertise your wine club as a chance for customers to get consistent wine delivered that also allows them flexibility to customize their individual shipments.

Create personalized touch points to current customers who have indicated interest in a wine club

  • Call or email loyal customers who you think would be interested in your wine club.
  • A personalized touch point goes a long way in customer relationship building and can even lead to an additional sale right then and there over the phone.

TIP: Use our turnkey email marketing feature to request a custom-generated wine club release email series! Our product employs all of the techniques above and will help you successfully market your new wine club!

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