Local pickup for wine club shipments FAQ's

Can I offer local pickup for my wine club members' shipments?

At this time, we do not have the specific functionality to offer local pickup for wine club shipments. However, if you would like to offer this to your wine club members, we recommend considering these possible options!

Option 1: Create a wine club tier that’s only for local pick up members

  • Frame this tier as a “pickup party tier” and do not charge shipping on any shipments related to this tier. For this tier:
    • Name the tier something specific and informative (i.e. The Local Tier)
    • On this tier, select “Shipping is included for all club orders” when creating or editing the tier
    • Add any descriptions you would like about the local pickup as an additional benefit within the tier
  • To ensure that members who have signed up for this tier are aware that this is a local pickup only tier, we recommend sending an email after sign up to confirm their sign up for a local pickup only tier. 
  • Once the members have picked up their orders, simply select “Mark as picked up” for the order within the portal

Option 2: Frame your tiers as including “Complimentary shipping or local pickup” and do not charge shipping fees for these tiers

  • Add a benefit to your tiers named “Complimentary shipping or local pickup” or add a subtitle to your Wine Club page that says “We offer local pickup for all wine club shipments! Just reach out to us for more information!”
  • When you create your shipments, reach out to your members to offer local pickup and ask them to notify you if they’d like to pick up their shipment. You can even organize a pick up party using this email!
  • Once the customer has picked up their order, simply select “Mark as picked up” for the order within the portal

If you have further questions about how to set up either of these options, please don't hesitate to reach out to support@vinebase.com! We're always here to help!

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