Guide: Wine club member sign up & management

Once you’ve created your wine club, you might be wondering how wine club member signup works and how managing this process works with your Vinebase wine club. Well you’re in the right place! This guide walks you through how the member sign up flow works, how members get added to existing shipments, how to apply member discounts, and updating payment and shipping information!

Member sign up flow from your website

The wine club member sign up flow through your website is simple and easy! See how it works!

Once you create an active tier in your winery portal, website visitors will immediately be able to sign up through your website on the wine club page. Within the wine club page of your website, customers can see each tier in active status, the # of shipments and bottles per shipment for each tier, and any other benefits associated with being a member of each tier.

Once a customer clicks “Join X Tier,” they will enter the wine club sign up flow.

For a customer-side view of the wine club sign up experience, see our step by step guide on how customers can sign up for a wine club!

Although you cannot limit the number of customers who sign up for your wine club, you can change the status of the tier from “Active” to “Sign Up Closed” within the tier information page. This will prevent any new members from joining the tier through your website without disabling the tier. However, when a tier is closed for sign up, it will no longer show up on your website as an option within the Wine Club tab. Current tier members will still be able to access their discount and be able to manage/receive club shipments. Tier statuses can always be changed within the tier information page.

Advanced setup options with member sign up flow 

Setting up advanced options

If you would like to give your new wine club members more immediate exposure to your wine club, consider employing the advanced setup option!

When you create or edit a membership tier, you can select “Automatically add new members to the latest open club shipment.” By enabling this advanced feature, when a new member joins this club tier, they will immediately be included in the currently open club shipment, and be given the option to start customizing their first club order. 

If disabled, new members will not be included in the currently open shipment, but will have to wait for the next shipment to be created. You can change this setting at any time.

If you wish for members to always be included in a shipment immediately upon sign up even if your normally planned shipments (i.e. July Shipment for Gold Tier) are closed, we recommend creating an “Immediately Customizable Club” shipment for each tier that can be run periodically as new members sign up.

Member sign up flow with advanced setup

The member sign up flow when you have a shipment currently open for a tier is slightly different from the normal sign up flow. 

After completion of the normal member sign up flow, the new member will immediately be brought to the new shipment page. 

This is the same page that current members are directed to when you first create a new shipment for a tier. Within this page, the new member will be able to customize their shipment as well as update shipping and payment information. See our advanced shipment set up FAQ’s for more information.

Using wine club member discounts

Using member benefit discounts has never been easier! Immediately upon login or signup, members have access to any discounts associated with their wine club tier. The correct club discount(s) will automatically be applied in each member’s cart once logged in. A banner across the top of the page will also indicate the wine discount they receive (if any) for their tier membership. The banner appears as the following:

If you wish to create one-off discounts for any customer, including wine club members, please reach out to and we will get you set up with one!

Updating payment and shipping information

If you would like to update a member’s payment or shipping information, follow the steps linked here! Members can self-update all of their payment and shipping information directly through their portal as well. 

At this time, we do not have the specific functionality to offer local pickup for wine club shipments. However, if you would like to offer this to your wine club members, we recommend considering these possible options!

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