How to build SEO for a new domain

This article is intended for wineries who need to build up SEO for a new domain when they lose access to a previous one, but the insights shared here can be applicable to wineries establishing a new domain as well.

Why care about SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what Google uses to determine which websites show up at the top of search results for a given term. If your winery needs to switch the domain (URL) that your website is on for a variety of reasons, ensuring your new domain shows up first on Google will make sure your customers have the best possible experience.

1. Redirect your old domain

The fastest way to build up your new domain is to redirect your old domain. It's preferred to do a 301 permanent redirect. This tells Google that you are relocating your site.

Here are the steps to set up a 301 redirect (also called forwarding) for the most common domain registrars:

2. Update links on social media platforms

Do a quick audit of all your social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. - and make sure your URL is updated to your new domain. 

3. Request updated links on 3rd party websites

It's likely that other websites are linking to your old domain. To improve the SEO on your new domain, you'll want to reach out to each of those 3rd party sites and kindly ask them to update to your new domain. 

Need a list of 3rd party websites linking to your old domain? We can help get you a list with our internal tools, reach out to us at 

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