Winery Weather Holds FAQ's

When a winery feels the temperature is too extreme for shipping, you may temporarily place a weather hold on your wines until they can be shipped without damage.

How do I know when to use weather holds?

Use a weather hold in extremely cold or hot months. Weather varies depending on the shipping state so we advise checking the average temperature before sending. 

Keep in mind that lead times are longer shipping from the west to east coast. Therefore, wines will be exposed to temperature influxes for a longer period of time. 

How do I use the Weather Hold Feature? 

Visit the Vinebase portal and click into any order. After clicking "Hold for Weather", you'll be prompted to add an expected fulfillment date. You can change this later if needed.

How does the customer know the order is on weather hold?

Vinebase automatically emails the customer informing them of the weather hold and the estimated fulfillment date. We'll also remind you about any weather holds you may have and their estimated fulfillment dates in a weekly reminder email.

Can customers request weather holds?

No. This decision is up to the winery. Please communicate with your customers if you will be enacting a weather hold so they can expect delays.

TIP: Use FedEx Access Points, Pick-Ups, or Overnight Shipping

Send a package to a FedEx Access Point to ensure wine isn't sitting outside in hot or cold temperatures. Delivery to FedEx Access Points isn't quicker than standard delivery however, wines may be more protected with regulated temperatures indoors. Consider this option for consumers in your home state.

Offer expedited shipping options in months with extreme weather with customizable zone shipping rates.

Host pick-up parties if applicable. This is a great moment to offer high touch customer service, invite friends for tastings, and generate increased order value. 

If you believe that it will be more than a month before you can ship your order please let us know so that we can properly communicate that to the customer! We know that getting the wine you have worked so hard to produce into the customer's hands is a top priority, and we here at Vinebase want to make sure that both you and your customer have a top-tier experience. 

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