Guide: Successfully run a wine club shipment

You’ve created wine club tiers, you have members, and now you’re ready to run a wine club shipment, but where do you start? Keep reading to find out how quick and simple running a shipment for your Vinebase wine club can be!

Note: if you are migrating your existing wine club from your old ecommerce provider, we recommend considering these pre-shipment steps before creating a shipment to help your first wine club shipment be a success!

Create a shipment

When you’re ready to send out a shipment for your wine club, you’ll want to create a shipment. When creating shipments, you will name the shipment, select the tier to associate the shipment with, select a non-binding planned ship date, and the bottles you’d like to include in the default shipment. The planned ship date is only meant as a guideline for your members on the timing that they should expect to receive their shipment.

If you would like to run a shipment for multiple tiers, you will have to create and run separate shipments for the different tiers. You will only be able to create a shipment for tiers that are in "active" status and have at least one member associated with it whose membership is not paused. For more information on how to create a tier and edit membership information, see the respective supporting documentation links!

Notify tier members

Immediately after you create a shipment, orders will be generated for all members who are participating in this shipment. 

The automatic new shipment notification email will inform members of their ability to make changes to the order and to make sure that their information is correct and up-to-date. Members can change their shipping address and payment information themselves directly from their account! They also are able to opt-out of a shipment if they desire. This is an example of what the notification will look like to members:

Within the club shipment information page, you will be able to see all club orders associated with the shipment, each order’s status, and a list of members who are not participating in the shipment. This page is where you can send a shipment reminder email if you like. 

This reminder is optional and will only be sent to members whose orders have not been run yet (i.e. the order is open or “needs more information.”). This is an example of the notification sent to members:

Run open orders

At any time, you can run open orders within your wine club shipment. We recommend triaging missing information from members and running open orders in batches so that you can fulfill as many shipments as possible at one time! 

Triaging and adding missing information for your wine club members, specifically when you are migrating your existing wine club over from your old ecommerce provider, is important so that you can ensure your shipments will run smoothly for all members. See our shipment FAQ’s for suggestions on how to triage missing wine club information! 

Once you run open orders on a shipment, members whose order was processed will receive the Shipment processed notification email notifying them that their credit card has been charged for their club shipment and the order will ship soon. This is an example of the notification sent to members:

Within the club shipment information page, you will now see which orders are “completed” and which orders “need more information.” Within this page, if any orders were not processed due to missing information, you will be notified that “This shipment has run, but not all orders were completed because they need your attention. Please view the details on the orders below, add the missing information, and run them individually.” 

Follow these simple steps to run shipment orders individually as you add missing information!

Fulfill shipment orders like normal

Once you’ve run all orders for your shipment, fulfillment is easy! Just follow the normal order fulfillment process within your Orders Manager. 

At this time, we do not have the capability to segment local pick up options for wine club members. However, please see our local pickup for wine club shipments FAQ’s for possible options to employ if you’d like to offer this!

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