Guide: The member experience for your wine club

In order to help you provide the best experience to your wine club members, here's a helpful guide centered on what the wine club experience will look and feel like from the member-side.

Logged in member experience

When a member is logged into their account on your winery website, they will immediately receive the following benefits:

Member account

  • When logged in, a club member can access the wine club tab of their account dashboard.
  • The wine club tab will show which club tier they are in, the benefits of that tier, and the member will also have the ability to switch between tiers.
  • The member can also see their club shipment order history in this tier and edit any club shipments in open status (open status being the time between when the shipment was created by the winery and when the winery charges the member's credit card).

Discount Banner 

  • Members will see a banner across the top of the page indicating the wine discount associated with their tier membership.

Automatic Discounts

  • When a club member is logged in, the discount associated with their tier membership will be automatically applied to their cart. 

Member notifications

Wine club member notifications are automatically created and sent during specific steps of the create and run shipment process. 

  1. When you create a shipment, members will automatically receive the New Shipment Notification email.
  2. If you choose to send a reminder email about open shipments, members will receive the Reminder email.
  3. Once you run a member’s shipment order (either through the bulk process or individually), members will receive the Shipment Processed Notification email.
  4. When the order is fulfilled, each member will receive the Order Confirmation Notification email.

Customizable wine club shipment

Once members receive the New Shipment Notification email, they will be prompted to log into their member account to update or change their account information, including shipping and payment information.

Members will also be informed of their ability to make any changes to the order, such as customizing their wine club shipment. Our data shows that the ability to customize wine club shipments leads members to customize their shipment approximately 30% of the time for an average 50% increase in shipment value.

Troubleshooting login issues

If members are having issues logging into their account, encourage them to email to get help troubleshooting their login issues. We are always here to help!

Updating shipping and payment information

Members can easily update their shipping and payment information for a shipment directly within their portal, all on their own!

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