FAQs: Coupons

Are coupons stackable with wine club memberships?

Currently coupons are not stackable. If a wine club member has an automatic discount, they can override that during checkout with a coupon that provides a higher discount.

Can I limit coupons to specific products?

Not currently.

Can I set coupons to only be active for a small window?

Yes! You can see how to set that up in Create a Coupon

Can I generate one-time use coupons?

Yes! You can see how to set that up in Create a Coupon

Can I change coupons after they are created?

Yes! You can change coupons until the first time they are used. Then they are not editable.

My customer used a coupon to buy my wine but I didn't create it, who paid for that?

Vinebase has an ability to create coupons that Vinebase covers for marketing purposes. 

How do I use coupons with the Vinoshipper Cart Integration?

Coupons will need to be created in Vinoshipper to be used for states in which you use the Vinoshipper Cart Integration. For more information on what functionality works with the Vinoshipper Cart Integration, here's our FAQ doc.

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