Adding New Users

Please Note: Only existing owner and admin users have the ability to invite new individuals to be a part of a winery account. 

What are the different roles a user can have?

Any winery account user can mix and match roles from the list below:

  • Admin: access to everything, including adding new users
  • Finance: access to Stripe integration, reporting, invoice dashboard and notified of invoices via email
  • Editor: access to create, edit and delete wines, winery page, and other content
  • Fulfillment: access to order dashboard and notified of new orders via email

How do I add new users to my winery account?

  1. Login to Vinebase and navigate to your winery portal (the briefcase icon with 'Portal' label in the upper right-hand corner)
    login portal screenshot
  2. Click on the 'Settings' tab on the left sidebar and then the 'Users' tab in the navigation bar
    winery portal sidebar screenshot winery portal settings navbar screenshot
  3. Upon landing at the 'Users' page, click on the 'Invite A User' button
    initial winery portal user settings screenshot
  4. Input the individuals information into the form, assign them the appropriate roles, and finally click send 
    winery portal user invitation screenshot
  5. Examine the updated Users page and edit account permissions as necessary
    updated winery portal user settings screenshot

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