Shipping Fees In Bundles FAQ's

Bundles were created after hours of customer research to give wineries a way to introduce customers to their winery through a curated set of wines.

How does shipping differ in bundles?

Bundles automatically qualify a customer for free shipping on that purchase.

Do I have to offer free shipping with bundles?

Bundle prices are set as all inclusive. Meaning that customers can pay for shipping in bundles but it is lumped into the total price.

If you want a portion of shipping costs to be covered by customers, we recommend making your bundles larger so that the cost per bottle to ship is low enough for your margins. Alternatively, you can increase the price of the bundle.

Are bundles successful?

Yes! Based on our research, customers are more likely to purchase bundles with shipping included in the price over the individual SKUs with shipping itemized at checkout. 

TIP: Include non-wine perk in bundles

The bundle can include other non-wine items like virtual tastings, swag or perks. These details can be added in the bundle description.

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