Failed Delivery Guarantee FAQ's

Vinebase has designed a set of features including a real-time Notification Engine and Pickup Locations. These features significantly reduce the risk of failed delivery. And we put our money where our mouth is - if the delivery fails and needs to be re-shipped, Vinebase will cover the cost with our Failed Delivery Guarantee.

How does the notification engine work?

When an order is marked as "fulfilled", we ask for the Fedex or UPS tracking code. We then connect to Fedex/UPS for shipping updates about the order, and translate it into helpful real-time delivery updates to let customers know where their wine is in transit.

How does the failed delivery guarantee work?

If your order is marked as ‘return to sender’ by the common carrier (UPS, Fedex), Vinebase will cover the cost to ship the order again.

Please submit a refund request here.

How many attempts does the carrier make?

Typically, a carrier will attempt to deliver twice and return to sender on the third attempt. A customer can reroute to a Fedex pickup location or reroute to a UPS pickup location at any time.

TIP: Encourage shipping to FedEx Access locations

Vinebase offers a direct integration with FedEx's Access Point locations. This allows a customer to select to ship to one of over 10,000 pickup locations (eg. Walgreens) at time of checkout so they can get their wine delivered when and where it's convenient for them.

98% of orders shipped to FedEx pick-up locations are not returned back to the winery. 

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