3rd Party Cart Integration FAQ's

Warning: Using Vinebase's 3rd Party Cart Integration is not legal advice. We do recommend talking to your compliance lawyer to ensure you are not violating Tied House Laws by linking to another tier in the 3 tier system (eg. retailer).

What is the Vinebase 3rd party cart integration?

Some wineries have compliance setups which require payments in certain states to be processed through a certain cart. Our goal is to make buying directly from wineries as seamless as possible for the end consumer, and so we have now allowed for a State-Segmented 3rd Party Cart. 

Do I need to set up a 3rd party cart link?

Likely no. This is required in rare cases where a 3rd party shipper requires that they collect and remit sales tax. Otherwise, most wineries simply transfer orders over into a 3rd party shipping software once an order is processed.

What are the pros of linking a 3rd party cart?

It can be required for some 3rd party shippers.

Warning: We recommend you think carefully about what 3rd party cart links you want to add here, and ensure you avoid infringing on Tied House Laws.

What are the cons of linking a 3rd party cart?

No Vinebase functionality including shipping notifications, easy fulfillment, customer data capture, inventory management for orders run through a 3rd party cart

Your wines will not show up on the Vinebase marketplace for people from these states

Shoppers in states that have the 3rd Party Cart Integration turned on will not be able to sign up for your wine club through your winery website. They will be instructed to contact you directly to inquire and their membership will need to be managed outside of Vinebase.

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