Import wine club members in a batch upload

Easily import your existing wine club members into your Vinebase account. This is a one-time process to get members into our system. 

1) Log into your winery portal and select "Wine club"

2) Ensure that the tier you wish to upload members to has been created and is listed in the Club Tiers tab

If you need help creating the tier you wish to upload members to, please see create a new wine club tier for guidance!

After you have created your tiers, they will all populate within the Club Tiers tab and you will be able to add members to any of them.

3) Click into the "Members" tab at the top of the page

4) Click "Add member" and under "Add Multiple Members" click the tier for which you want to add members

5) Upload your CSV file into the import box

If you need help structuring your membership data to successfully import, or need help exporting your data to CSV, here's some helpful information about how to structure your wine club member data from your old ecommerce provider.

6) Click Start import

Watch as your members get imported in real time!


If you need help editing membership information after importing, such as reassigning members to different tiers or editing email address, please see our supporting documentation on how to edit wine club member information!

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