Cancel a membership

If a member wants to cancel their membership, they must reach out to the winery in order to do so. This ensures that you have full visibility into your member list and cancellations.

1) Log into your winery portal and select "Wine club"

2) Click 'Members" at the top

3) Click "Edit" on the member you'd like to cancel 

4) Toggle "Pause Membership". Black indicates the account is paused. 

A paused membership will no longer receive any club benefits, communications related to wine club shipments, be charged for any club shipments, or receive any club shipments — for all intents and purposes, this is a "canceled" membership

The member will remain in this "paused" state until they ask to restart their membership, at which point the winery can manually unpause the membership from the portal

TIP: Encourage skipping a shipment instead of pausing membership

Incentivize skipping a shipment instead of pausing the membership so that customers will still receive orders. A member can skip a shipment by editing an open shipment and selecting "skip shipment" in the credit card information section.

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