Club shipment customization FAQ's

What does it mean that wine club shipments are customizable?

When you create a shipment and send the notification to customers, they are able to choose the wines they want for that shipment.

Are all shipments customizable?

Yes! When the member is notified via email about the upcoming shipment (at the moment the shipment is created by the winery), they are able to log into their account and customize their shipment

Why are all shipments customizable? 

Customizable wine clubs grow revenue. Based on our research across all wineries hosted on Vinebase,  32% of members customize their shipment when given the option to. 90%+ of the time, the total shipment value increases. The average shipment increased 50% and many increased in the 200%+ range.

For example, if someone opted into a six bottle wine club, they are more likely to increase to eight bottles with customization. Customers are not able to select four bottles in this example. 

What is customizable in a shipment?

Customers can add more wines from the preselected option. Ex: Four Chardonnay's instead of two

Opt out of one wine in favor of another. Ex: Pinot Noir instead of Chardonnay

Add other non-default-shipment wines to the order. EX: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Can a customer select less wines than in the wine club shipment?

No! The customer cannot have fewer bottles in their shipment than the # of bottles in the default shipment created by the winery. Wine club members can select any live wine and add/replace bottles in their default club shipment.

Can a customer skip a shipment?

Yes, a wine club member can skip a shipment. This is located within the credit card information section for each individual shipment.

What if I don't want my customers to be able to customize their club shipment?

This is not an option we support today. Please reach out to if you have a specific need we can address. 

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