Credit card management FAQ's

How are credit cards stored?

Stripe stores the credit card information and Vinebase stores the credit card token in a personal account. This can be accessed when a customer logs in to their account.

Note: The same credit card token is shared across winery websites and and is used for fast checkout.

How does a winery know if a credit card is expired before it runs a wine club shipment?

Vinebase does not explicitly check for expired credit cards.

If a credit card is expired and a customer keeps the same credit card (getting a new card with a new expiration date), Stripe automatically updates the card.

See Stripe documentation here

How will a winery know if a credit card will bounce before they run their wine club shipment?

A winery will not know if a credit card will bounce before they run a wine club. If the credit card is not processed successfully, the shipment will fail and will continue to show as a shipment in open status on the shipments tab of the wine club manager in the Vinebase portal.

The winery can then reach out to the member and ask them to update their credit card information. Once updated, the winery can click into the shipment in the portal and run it individually.

Can a winery overwrite saved credit card info?

Yes, a winery has the ability to overwrite saved credit card information.

Can a winery access (see) saved credit card info?

Only the card type (e.g. Visa), last four digits of the credit card number, and the expiration date. 

Can I manually charge a credit card?

At this time, no, you cannot run the card in an order. You will need to send a payment link to the customer so they can enter their credit card details.

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